Decorating an Apartment for the New Year

The most favorite holiday of adults and children is approaching. How to decorate an apartment for the New Year? Of course, you can buy ready-made jewelry and gifts. But, you must agree, Souvenirs and Christmas decorations made with your own hands will add joy and a sense of magic and fairy tales.

The upcoming New Year is the year of the Rat. The main color scheme of jewelry: gray, blue, red, pink. Christmas toys and handmade ornaments are in fashion, and even if you don’t have the skills of a handmade, you can make some of them yourself.

Decorating an Apartment for the New Year

Christmas toy

The symbol of the coming year is a great gift for your friends and acquaintances. This toy will make even a beginner. To do this, we will need food foil, decorative tinsel on a wire, glue, toy eyes, and a nose. To begin with, we form the body of our rat from the foil, it resembles a pear.

Then we begin to glue the decorative tinsel in a circle. We try to stick tightly so that the foil is not visible.

Christmas toys made of cones

Decorating an Apartment for the New Year

This year, however, as in the coming year, eco-style is in fashion. This style implies the use of natural materials and natural shades in the decor. Balls of cones will look original and unusual on the Christmas tree. It will not be difficult to make them. To do this, we will need cones, ribbons, paint, sequins, glue, and so on…little imagination.

Useful advice; the fastest way to paint cones is with a foam sponge. On the sponge, you need to apply paint and roll the lump on it from different sides. Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves before painting.

Original candle holder

What is a new year without candles? Making an original candle holder is easy and simple. To do this, you will need a small glass container, pine or spruce branches, decorative or dry berries, and a small candle. In a glass container, put the twigs, then pour the berries and fill it all with water with a little alcohol. For flavor, you can drop a few drops of your favorite essential oil into the water. At the top, place the candle in a foil wrapper.

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