Designing a Summer Kitchen

There is not much left, and the summer season will be officially opened. Summer residents in orderly rows will stretch to their plots to do their daily business. But do not forget about the rest in the fresh air. We have selected beautiful designs of the summer kitchen that will inspire you to create a similar one at your dacha.

Set of boards

Set of boards

It’s a small summer kitchen that you can build with your own hands from wooden planks. This kitchenette has space for a suspended storage system, sink, work surface and shelves for dishes.

Natural stone

A small kitchen made of natural stone with a grill and a corner bar is a great idea for organizing outdoor cooking.

Wooden kitchen with a canopy

Original summer kitchen made of wood with a small canopy that allows you to continue cooking even in bad weather.

Bar counter

For those who can’t make a full-fledged summer kitchen, but like to gather together for a couple of drinks, we recommend paying attention to the homemade bar counter. To make it, you only need a couple of wooden pallets.

Bar counter

Brick kitchen

It’s a spacious summer patio with a red brick oven, grill, and small work surface.

Kitchen grey brick

The kitchen is made of large gray brick with a large wood-burning stove, wood stove, grill, and a semicircular bar; it looks very impressive and resembles the entourage of a medieval castle.

Corrugated sheet

Practical and quite stylish kitchen in the summer style, which can be made from wooden posts and sheets of profiled flooring. Having such a structure on your site, you will be able to cook on the street, without worrying about weather disasters.

Kitchen boards

Kitchen boards

Use boards from unnecessary wooden pallets to build a small summer kitchen with a grill and a corner table-bar.


A small kitchenette made of wood and metal profile with a gas hob, a grill and a small surface for cooking.

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