DIY Crafts for Pets

There are a lot of owners who are ready to put a lot of money on accessories for Pets. This can be houses, scratching posts, beds, and much more. But why overpay, if you can do everything yourself.


A large wooden, metal or plastic barrel can be turned into a cozy doghouse. For the convenience of the pet, you can put a bed or mattress inside.

Suspended bed

If you know the macramé technique, weave a charming hanging bed for your cat. Hang it near the window, and your mustachioed pet will be happy to take a sunbath there.

Stacked house

Stacked house

The remnants of thin PVC pipes can be used to build an original multi-tiered cat house. In addition to pipes, you will need a thick fabric and finings for fastening. According to us, such a house will satisfy the cat’s climbing and moving needs, as well as provide a sleeping place for 2-3 cats.


Cats love to RUB and scratch and often use completely inappropriate items for this purpose. To satisfy this need and please your pet, you can build an arch for it a scratcher. To do this, you will need a piece of plywood, a cloth, and a wire-based hard brush.

Sharpener for claws

Save upholstered furniture from the sharp claws of a pet, will help the original scratching post. You can do this with your own hands from PVC pipes of a medium diameter and thick twine.


Use PVC pipes to create practical feeders and drinkers. These can be hung in a pen for birds on a dacha plot or just in the yard of the house for feeding street animals.


The bed for dogs

An unnecessary tire can be turned into a bright bed for a small dog. All you need is to change the shape of the tire a little, paint it and equip a soft place to sleep inside.

The bed for dogs

Wicker basket

From voluminous threads, you can weave a beautiful and very comfortable bed for the cat.

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