DIY Ideas for Arranging a Summer Residence

At any dacha, instead of the usual landing site, you can arrange a real recreation and beauty park. At the same time, no one cancels the planting of useful plants, trees, and shrubs. Simply with an unusual design and a few creative or functional ideas, the suburban area will be transformed, will play not only a practical role but also an aesthetic one.

Stylish organization

Sometimes, all you need for an interesting design of the site is the use of non-standard shapes. Who said that the beds should always be planted in strict rectangular sectors? It is quite possible to choose diamond-shaped, triangular or trapezoidal, which together or separately will create their own unique picture. Each sector is better separated by paths filled with gravel or small stones, or decorated with tiles. It looks very impressive but also remains very convenient and practical.

Stylish organization

Happy seedlings

Often seedlings are planted in ordinary plastic bottles, this is economical and convenient. But this does not mean that such a simple and nondescript container cannot be beautifully or creatively decorated. A little humor and creativity will allow you to grow a new crop with a good mood. Just paste the lid in the form of a nose and eyes to make a funny dwarf. A similar idea can be used for home flowers or outdoor potted plants.

Happy seedlings

Additional inventory

If you plant the plants in separate isolated beds, it will be convenient to monitor them. In order to prevent insects from spoiling plants and crops, you can arrange protection in the form of a grid that does not interfere with growth and, if necessary, is very easy to remove from the supports.

The birds singing

Birdsong is very, very much adorns the suburban area, although not visually. Although admiring small creatures is also very pleasant and interesting. To make the birds happy with their presence more often, they need to organize feeders. You can certainly make them simple, without spending a lot of time, but if you attract a little imagination and improvised means, you will get a real decorative decoration for the garden or vegetable garden.

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