DIY Ideas That Will Help Transform the Country House

Despite the fact that it is cold outside and everything is covered with ice and snow, thoughts of spring appear in the mind more often: the sun, birds singing, green lawns, and, of course, the cottage. Many find comfort in the arrangement of their beds and land in front of the house. We have collected great ideas that will help transform the cottage and turn it into a Paradise.


DIY Ideas That Will Help Transform the Country House

It is difficult to imagine a modern cottage without a campfire, where you can cook or gather with friends. There are many ideas and options for its construction, but the most practical and durable will be a brick fire pit. Build it in the center of a cleared circular area, and place stumps or simple plastic chairs around it.


Even if your country nest has hot water, a summer shower does not hurt at all. It is a real pleasure to take a dip in this water right after working in the garden or sunbathing. As for the shower stall, you can build it from simple boards. For more attractiveness, it is recommended to paint them in a noble dark shade. Add a few hooks, shelves, and be sure to think about the water supply: it can be a tank with natural water, a pump, or a barrel that will have to be filled every time.


DIY Ideas That Will Help Transform the Country House

Firewood that is stored on any site can become an original and fashionable decoration of the yard. All you need to do is build a beautiful woodcutter. To do this, you need to make a rack out of sheet metal and arrange the firewood beautifully. If you do not want to make a rack, you can just carefully stack the firewood at one of the walls of the house.

Garden paths

Concrete and paving slabs are not the only materials used to create garden paths. Create beautiful and budget trails on the site will help available natural materials such as pebbles or tree cuts.

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