DIY Unusual Window Design Ideas

Tired of the traditional curtains on windows? Do you want something original? Many Housewives think that this requires purchasing expensive materials and spending a lot of money. This is not true. You can use a minimum of tools and materials to creatively and stylishly decorate windows.



Fashionable eco-style occupies a leading position both in interior design and in the use of materials. Original curtains in the form of macrame will decorate any window, whether it is a living room, bedroom, or kitchen. The art of macrame (knot weaving) has been known since ancient times. There are six main ways. Macrame can be mastered even by a beginner. The main advantage of this weave: simplicity and a minimal amount of material.

Macrame curtains are perfectly combined with translucent openwork tulle. The interior of the kitchen in country style will effectively complement the curtains made in the technique of knotted weaving, combined with curtains made of natural cotton fabrics.

Frosted glass

Frosted glass

The main advantage of this type of decoration: ensuring complete privacy from prying eyes. However, frosted Windows completely block the view of the street. Using masking tape, spray paint, and a little imagination, you can protect your home from prying eyes, while leaving access to sunlight. The pattern on the glass is laid out using masking tape, and then everything is covered with matte paint. After drying, the tape is removed from the glass, leaving a pattern.

This type of decoration can be used not only on windows but on doors with glass inserts. For drawing, you can use not only masking tape but also ready-made stencils.

Home textiles instead of curtains

Do you want to surprise your friends with unusual curtains? Then this design option is for you! For this purpose, we use ordinary pillowcases, sheets, and even towels. The main thing is that their color scheme and pattern are in harmony with the overall interior of the kitchen. For more creative design, you can use additional accessories; curtain clips, rings, and even clothespins. It all depends on your imagination.

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