Interesting ideas for using old bicycle parts in the interior

If someone thinks that an old Bicycle has only one path-straight to the dump, then they are radically mistaken. Even a bike that has fallen into disrepair and can no longer be used as a vehicle can serve its former owner faithfully.

Hanging holder

Hanging holder for pots and pans.

Interesting ideas for using old bicycle parts in the interior

Do you want to get an original and practical storage system without spending a penny? All you need is a Bicycle wheel, wooden planks, and a few metal hooks. Fix the wheel on the ceiling and use it for storing pots, pans, and small kitchen devices.


Wall clock from the wheel.

Practice shows that virtually any object with a round shape is suitable for creating a watch. Bicycle tires are no exception. You just need to provide it with a clock mechanism, numbers, and you can hang it on the wall. A clock in this style will perfectly fit into an industrial, Scandinavian, and rustic interior.


Floor hanger made of bicycle parts.

Creative floor hanger that can be made by each of the three Bicycle wheels and metal tubes. Such an unusual item will be a real highlight of a spacious bedroom or living room, equipped in a modern style.


Chandelier from the wheel.

Interesting ideas for using old bicycle parts in the interior

The Bicycle wheel is suitable for creating an original chandelier in an industrial style, which will later become a real decoration of the apartment.


Shelf under the sink.

If you have an old unwanted bike, use it to create a wonderful shelf under the sink. To do this, attach the bike to one of the walls of the bathroom, put the countertop on top, and install an overhead sink.


Wall decoration of wheels and garlands.

Several Bicycle wheels are suitable for creating wonderful wall decoration. Attach them to the wall, wrap them in a garland, and enjoy the beauty and magic light.

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