Lovely Gizmos That You Can Do Yourself Literally

When it comes to interior design, some go-to designers, and others do everything on their own. However, to create comfort, often there is not enough simple detail in the form of a decor element. We have collected great ideas that you can make a reality yourself just over the weekend.



We all know what a classic glider looks like. But who said that this is the only possible implementation of it. Using only a folder-tablet, clothespins, and slate paint, you can create your own unique wall glider. Hang it in a prominent place, and it will always remind you of important things and decorate the space.

Screen for photos

A hula Hoop painted in gold, a couple of sprigs of artificial flowers and a few ribbons will make a great screen for placing family photos. Black-and-white Polaroid-sized images will look best on this design.

Luminous banks

It’s amazing what crafts you can make from ordinary glass jars and garlands. Simply attach the jars to rough wooden boards, place a small garland inside, and place a bunch of artificial flowers. You will get a stylish decoration in a rustic style, which can be hung in the hallway, living room, or bedroom.



The remnants of yarn can be turned into completely unique products. For example, a pair of skeins of bright threads can be converted into a soft fluffy rug.


An unusual round organizer for notes, which even a schoolboy can make from a large number of wine corks. This organizer will fit perfectly into the interior of a bright hallway, contrasting favorably with the white color of the walls.


In your spare time, you can create a cute little twine. To do this, in addition to a skein of coarse rope, you will also need a glue gun. The finished basket can be used as a planter or a place to store chargers, combs, keys, or small money.

In DIY Crafts / By Carol / On April 27, 2020

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