Mediterranean Touches In Home Decor

Mediterranean style offers a wide perspective to add sea breeze to home decoration. This timeless style that develops in the north of the Mediterranean has an important place in the interior and exterior architecture. There are Spanish, Greek and Italian versions. And, these can be combined with a modern understanding. Thus, the Mediterranean decor has become integrable with many styles. Therefore, it is possible to add this style to home decoration with little touches. We combined the basic Mediterranean decor ideas for a fresh, natural aura:

Spanish – Mediterranean Effect

The most colorful form of Mediterranean decor is the Spanish version. Because it is a style that emerged under the influence of Moorish and Morocco. It is characterized by colorful patterned tiles, natural textures and indispensable blue tones of the Mediterranean style. Instead of designing the whole house in this way, you can only be inspired by tiles or natural textures. This style covers your home with a warmer atmosphere.

Greek – Mediterranean Bedroom

The Greek-Mediterranean style has very distinctive features. White plaster, wood, and marine colors, which are commonly used in Mediterranean decor, are also available in the Greek style. Apart from these, ancient Greek patterns and textures can be used. Also, this version is the freshest form of the Mediterranean style. Light colors dominate and the effect of the sea is more pronounced.

Italian – Mediterranean Living Room

In the Italian version, dark wood colors are the most prominent features. These are combined with warm and cool colors. Generally, dark blue and red colors are used on neutral beige. It expresses a deeper and textured style. It is easy to use it in combination with a modern style.

Greek – Mediterranean Decor

There are ways to easily apply the Greek style to your home. Furniture using ancient greek patterns or combining blue and white… Besides, you can choose these patterns in textile products such as curtains, linens, and carpets. Also, you can try the Mediterranean style kitchen or bathroom tiles.

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