Practical Ideas to Use Empty Corners in Rooms

It is no secret that many people do not like corners because they are the ones that cause the most problems when building a home or a garden plot. When using them, there is always a dilemma: on the one hand, you do not want to lose useful space; on the other hand, it is not always justified to clutter the space. But not everything is as sad as it seems at first glance, because there are many interesting and practical ideas that will be discussed today.

Corner kitchen cabinets

For small rooms, installing corner kitchen sets is real salvation, especially if you need to attach a large number of different utensils and Cutlery. The modern furniture industry produces many models of headsets, but if there is a choice, it is better to prefer the corner option. As long-term practice shows, it is the corner layout that is almost universal, because it is suitable for both large and tiny kitchen dimensions, with high and low ceilings. Exceptions can only be very narrow and long rooms.

Corner kitchen cabinets

For small areas, it is better to buy furniture with perpendicular corner facades, especially the floor part of the set. A Cabinet with a door at 45 degrees is more spacious, but it will eat a lot of space and restrict movement.

Elegant shelves or open chests of drawers

To avoid cluttering corners and creating a depressing atmosphere in rooms (especially in bedrooms), you can pay attention to open bookcases or chests of drawers. They will help you attach a lot of useful things, but they will be almost invisible. The only thing to remember is that open storage systems require additional attention and constant maintenance of cleanliness.

Elegant shelves

Thanks to the variety of models of this piece of furniture, even protruding corners can be used. For this purpose, a display case or built-in version will be suitable, because bulging deep shelves will take up too much space.

A secluded corner to play or store toys

Agree, when decorating a children’s room, you want to use the space not only with functional items, but also to make a special area for the child. And to do this, you do not need to install a chair or sofa in it, it is better to make a surprise and attach a wigwam or an ordinary screen to it. Moreover, such structures can be made with minimal financial investment. If the free corner is very small, you can put a small chest of drawers for storing toys and various small things.

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