Sustainable Trends for Decoration

2021 brings much more sustainable trends for decoration. In addition, geometric furniture and metals stand out. Those who are looking for new ideas on decoration can take a look at this year’s trends. You can be inspired by the following ideas when planning the decoration of your home or office.

Sustainable Trends for Decoration

Warm Colors

In the past years, gray and white dominated the decoration. Their influence still continues. However, this year warm colors are back. We will see more colors such as terra-cotta, red, coral or purple. In fact, we will use bolder colors. You can start with warm-colored accessories and home textile products to warm the atmosphere of your home.

Natural Materials

Natural materials are more preferred as rustic designs stand out. These make you feel closer to nature in every area of ​​your home. Moreover, these products increase environmentally friendly decorations. You can use materials such as wood and wicker more frequently in your home.

Reflective Furniture

The perfect harmony of metal and wood is very popular. But we can take it one step further. Golden, silver or copper-looking metals are indispensable for this year. You can take advantage of these reflective colors on your kitchen shelves, bookshelves or decorative objects.

In addition, these materials support geometric designs. This year, the furniture has angled designs like square and triangle.

Handmade Carpets And Rugs

You can choose your carpet from handmade products. In this way, you can discover many different ethnic designs. Or, you can choose handmade and modern designed carpets and rugs. In any case, you make a much more sustainable choice.

Vertical Garden

Houseplants have become an important part of the decoration in recent years. Especially, they enable people living in flats to connect more with nature. This is a good psychological effect. You may be afraid that houseplants will create chaos in small spaces. In this case, you can decorate your walls with creative designs.

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