Using Cinder Blocks and Bricks for Gardening

Cottagers and gardeners are already rubbing their hands, anticipating the start of the season. But in addition to beds, you will need to pay attention to the arrangement of the garden and house territory. We have selected ideas for using cinder blocks and bricks to create garden crafts.

Using Cinder Blocks and Bricks for Gardening

Skirting out of cinder blocks

One of the simplest and most beautiful ways to use cinder blocks in the garden-the construction of flowering borders. To do this, you just need to dig the blocks along the edges of the garden and plant flowers.


A cross between an installation and a shelf with flowers growing on its shelves. Anyone can build such a thing with only a dozen cinder blocks.


A neat bench made of cinder blocks, planks, and concrete slabs will perfectly fit into the landscape of any suburban area.

Concrete blocks can become a reliable frame for a garden bench. In the end, you will get a practical piece of garden furniture that will serve you for decades.

Using Cinder Blocks and Bricks for Gardening

A raised garden bed

High beds are perfect for growing capricious and heat-loving plants. One of the options for constructing such a bed involves the use of cinder blocks. This durable material will make them as warm and durable as possible.

Blooming table

A magnificent table built of cinder blocks, the holes of which are mini-flower beds for growing flowers. This table can be placed in the garden and used for transplanting plants, or you can install it in the backyard to get a place to prepare snacks and drinks.

Strawberry bed

Turn cinder blocks into high individual strawberry beds. This way you will not only save space in the garden but also significantly simplify the care of strawberry bushes.

Using Cinder Blocks and Bricks for Gardening


From cinder blocks, it is quite easy to build a convenient and neat barbecue or fire pit.

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